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Project References

Under Maintenance

Project Types Country of delivery Delivered product Delivery Time
Power Plant Myanmar Cable and Cable Conduit 2020
Office Building Thailand Thermography Camera 2020
Complex Myanmar Cable Conduit 2020
Embassy Myanmar Cable 2020
Factory@Ayutthaya Thailand CCTV, LAN 2020
Parking System Thailand CCTV 2020
Factory Thailand Special Cable 2019~2020
Underground Railway Thailand Termination Kits 2019~2020
Power Plant Thailand Electric Materials, CCTV, PA, LAN, PBX 2019~
Hospital Hong Kong Cable 2019
Chemical Gas Plant Philippines Cable 2019
Power Plant Myanmar Cable 2019
Chemical Factory Myanmar Explosion-proof material 2019
Power Plant UAE Cable 2019
Bridge Samoa Electric Materials 2019
Hospital Thailand CCTV 2019
Office Building@Silom Thailand Access Control and Intercom 2019
Factory@Amata Thailand CCTV 2019
Airport Philippines Gas Steel Pipe, Box 2018
Power Plant Korea Cable 2018
Solar Plant Thailand PV Cable 2018
Desalination Plant Qatar Cable 2018
Shopping Mall Cambodia PA 2018
Building/Factory (Japanese Owner) Papua New Guinea Cable, Cable Tray, Conduit, Lighting 2017~2018
Building/Factory (Japanese Owner) Myanmar Cable, Electric Materials 2017
Building/Factory (Japanese Owner) Thailand CCTV 2017
Power Plant Uzbekistan Cable 2017
Solar Plant Thailand Inverter 2017

Customer Feedback

Sanyo Engineering and Construction, Inc.
International Division

“As an integrated facilities engineering enterprise, Sanyo Engineering and Construction, Inc., undertakes construction projects domestically and overseas.
“Our strength is management oversight of electrical equipment, machinery, and plant design and construction, all of which requires sophisticated technical know-how. We have offices in 10 countries in the Asian region, and receive orders from 30-some nations in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
“We depend on SUNTELEPHONE for selection, arrangements, and delivery of electrical and telecommunication materials for projects in emerging nations.
“SUNTEL’s capability in global procurement of materials from Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, and Japan, in particular, is highly attractive.”