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SUNTEL has grown and built a new business with various partners.
  • 1948DEC

    The establishment of “Yamanishi Co.,Ltd.” As a company of wholesaler of the communication equipment in Osaka city.

  • 1955APR

    Trade business started.

  • 1961FEB

    Established branch offices across Japan (Hiroshima, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Tokyo, Matsuyama, Sendai, Naha, Kanazawa)

  • 1963MAR

    Offered of stock to the public.

  • 1970FEB

    Relocated Headquarters to Miyakojima-ku.

  • 1971MAY

    The company changes its name to SunTelephone Co.,Ltd.

  • 1974JUL

    Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.

  • 1977FEB

    The company renames the Tokyo Branch Office the Tokyo Head Office, to join the Osaka Head Office in a dual-ofiice structure.

  • 1985SEP

    Established the “Product Management Center” at Koshigaya city, Saitama.

  • 1986JUN

    Listed on the First Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.

  • 1987SEP

    Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Securities Exchange.

  • 1988MAY

    Merged and relocated headquarter functions to Tokyo office.

  • 1997NOV

    Set up the subsidiary company “SunTrading Co.,Ltd.” as a trading section.

  • 2007MAY

    Due to realizing the long term and sustainable growth, delisted both Securities Exchanges.

  • 2010DEC

    Established the Structural Reform Dept and expanded overseas business.

  • 2011AUG

    Relocated Headquarters to Hacchobori from Ningyo-cho.

  • 2011SEP

    Relocated “Product Management Center” to Katsushika-ku and renamed it to “Headquarters distribution center”.

  • 2011OCT

    Relocated Kansai sales Dept to Yodoyabashi and set up “West Japan distribution center”.

  • 2013JAN

    Nitto Kogyo Corporation acquired 100% of SUNTEL shares from ex-shareholders; JBP-I and SUNTEL now belong to the Nitto Kogyo group.

  • 2013SEP

    Relocated distribution center to Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.

  • 2016SEP

    Relocated distribution center to Ota-ku, Tokyo.

  • 2017APR

    Established “SUNTEL (THAILAND) CO., Ltd” as a subsidiary for the purpose of expending overseas business.

  • 2017SEP

    Obtained ISO27001 certification.

  • 2017OCT

    Relocated the Headquarters to Nihonbashi from Hacchobori.

  • 2019DEC

    Subsidiary acquisition of SAO NAM AN TRADING SERVICE Corp. (SOECO) in Vietnam for the expansion of the overseas business

Relocated Headquarters to Miyakojima-ku.
Overseas visit to Europe
Exhibited at a “Good Living Show”
Hold a Private Show
Relocated the Headquarters to Nihonbashi from Hacchobori.