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Message from the CEO

Creating Solutions for Emerging Issues

During the 70 years since our founding in 1948, SUNTEL has worked hand-in-hand with clients to improve communications equipment and network infrastructure environments, based on our corporate policy embracing “Innovation, Intensity and Integrity.” We are greatly indebted to the business partners who have made these great strides possible.

Our business field, the ICT investment market, has shown steady growth based on a solid foundation, as well as expansion in various directions. Heightened anticipation abounds surrounding new business models representing AI, IoT and big data, which fuse ICT technology and services. Japan is currently grappling with many challenges, from accelerated low birthrate and longevity to labor shortages and new working patterns. The role of ICT technology is forecast to become increasingly profound, with demands for elevated levels of sophistication.

SUNTEL is a creative company designed to solve emerging problems, which cannot be achieved if we only provide conventional services. Our business goals will be reached by keeping our antennae rotating in every direction to remain poised to offer optimized innovative solutions to our clients, furthering their own business activity.

We look forward to your continued support.

SunTelephone Co.,Ltd.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Masayuki Enomoto