Training Information

Qualified Training by a licensed person

We are authorized by Panduit Corporation and Fluke Netwoks to qualify trainees.

Our licensed person conducts the training session at the customer’s place.



Panduit Corporation

We hold the training of the contractor qualified by Panduit.


■Contractor Merit

The contractor that can be qualified by taking the training of Panduit can receive the guarantee for 25 years in cabling system construction by connecting hardware and for 15 years in using qualified cable; it can be extended to 20 years. 



Fluke Networks:CCTT

 Certified Cabling Test technician qualified by Fluke Networks, USA.


◆CCTT(Certified Cabling Test Technician)

CCTT training is suitable for information wiring working and you can learn the latest wiring standard information and the way to use cable tester of Fluke Networks for two days. 


■CCTT Merit

  • SUNTEL qualified by Fluke Networks will issue the Certificate to successful candidates after passing the certification exam. 
  • Fluke Networks will supply the latest information, standard and technical information to successful candidates by email.
  • The successful candidates can be allowed to use CCTT logo on the business card and company web site. 
  • The company name , tel number and URL can be published on TFF Fluke web site as CCTT qualified company only if you submit the application sheet.