SunTelephone has established SUNTEL (THAILAND) CO., Ltd in Bangkok,Thailand to enlarge the market for SunTelephone’s products in ASEAN region where we expect a high economic growth now and in the future.


SunTelephone, as a member of Nitto Kogyo Group, is fully engaged in the local subsidiary to cooperate with and to increase the volume of trading in the region.


Overseas Business Dept. handles materials and cables for plant construction in addition to our familiar products such as telecommunication parts and devices. SunTelephone and the Thailand subsidiary support your overseas branches and business.









Plant Construction

We provide materials and cables of plant construction for Japanese engineering companies in ASEAN region.
We have developed direct trading channels with overseas manufacturers so that we can offer cost-effective price. Moreover, we are able to respond any customer’s request such as conformity of international standard, quality control, and management of production lead time.

Exploring new supply source

We are purchasing raw materials and components for cable and LCD from overseas. We supply them to Japanese manufacturers. We support the customer’s project from initial stage to mass production. We help customers to manage the development schedule, production plan, and price negotiation.