As a “One-Stop Distributor”, we provide necessary devices and components to build network infrastructure while we enhance our key strengths; purchasing power, excellent logistic service and outstanding ability to make proposals . We aim to offer Suntelephone’s unique solutions and services. 





ICT Solution


ICT is penetrating various environment such as office space and data center.
Suntelephone and our customer cooperate to catch the end-user’s demand and propose the best ICT solution. We support customers from the presentation stage to after-sales service.



We always think about customer’s value creation and trust and try to propose a new solution to contribute to information society.
These days, Network Cameras, TV Conference Systems, Hi-end network switches and Wire-less LAN are expected grow high in the market.
We introduce those promising products to our customers.


Network Camera

As ICT spreads widely, IoT (Internet of Things) has caught a great deal of attention lately. Surveillance cameras are also connected to data communication network today.

Taking their advantage that we can monitor by remote, we propose customers use them not only as security camera but other usage and applications.

High-speed Network

Due to the wide spread of smartphones and tablet devices, the number of devices connected to the Internet is increasing. Data traffic also shows explosive increase.

Thus, we help to build wired/wireless information infrastructure so that any device on the network can be used stably at high speed.

Information Security
security As the Internet became widely used in our life, we are facing threats of identity theft and leaking of private information. We must study how to minimize such risks while we enjoy the benefits of ICTs.
We offer a total security measure to prevent an unauthorized access from outside and internal threats.


Solutions for Network Mobile Operators


Mobile Network Operators are investing their communication equipment to respond the continued growth in mobile data traffic.
It is said that each operator has 100-200 thousands base stations nationwide. Operators face challenges of sourcing various parts and materials to deliver different places time by time, without delay.
We gather various parts and materials thru bulk purchasing, and provide own nationwide logistics network to make just-in-time delivery as per operators construction plan.