Corporate Mission

Company Policy


We are sure to manage our company

with high ethics, integrity, and compliance.


Our services are provided along with the social rules and compliance. With fair attitude, we all do our best to provide safe and higher quality products and services.


Corporate Mission


Our management philosophy

is the respect for Human Rights.


We respect our staff’s originality and potential ability.

We trust their power promote our growth of being creative company.
By fair and equitable personal evaluation,

we want to be the place where our staff can be self-actualization.


Long-term vision





We aim to be the company which creates

customers’ value and trust.


We shall keep creating customers’ value and trust with advanced view during times of great changes.


Contribute to maximize our customers’ value

by our products and services.


We are not just a distributor but a service provider which adding original function and suggestions to our products and services to contribute to our customers.